A new answer to your requirements in preserving or extending the shelf-life and quality of your products without additives. Oxygen Absorbers are parts of an active packaging for:

  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Museums
  • And all the other industries whose the products are sensitive to oxygen

Oxygen is often harmful for the preserving of the quality of foodstuffs. Oxygen absorbers absorbs oxygen present in a barrier package and allows reduction of the residual content to less than 0.01 %.

Our Partner Laboratoires Standa develop and commercialize products which maintain the original quality of your food products and bring under control the fermentation of the dairy products. Laboratoires Standa, an independent company, devote a large proportion of its resources to R&D, particularly within the context of external co-operation. It’s also technical expertise and a team which concentrates entirely on studying quality and customer satisfaction.

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Principle and instructions for our Oxygen Absorbers


Our Oxygen Absorbers contain only food-grade materials. They are able to fix the air oxygen of an irreversible manner, by changing the level of the oxidation. They have no detrimental effect on foodstuffs, man or the environment.


Absorbers effects on three levels:

  • Absorption of the oxygen surrounding the foodstuff
  • Absorption of the oxygen dissolved in the foodstuff (fat and humid phase);
  • Absorption of the oxygen entering in the pack by permeability of packaging materials.

The use of ATCO® ensures the total absence of oxygen throughout the whole life of the products packed in its sealed packaging (in the deadline of the product). The product range Oxygen Absorbers is a made in France product line.

What we offer

  • A wide range of Oxygen Absorbers
  • Best quality
  • Most products are direct available
  • Short lead times
  • Personal advice
  • Best value for money

More information about Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorbers in food preservation: a review The preservation of packaged food against oxidative degradation is essential to establish and improve food shelf life, customer acceptability, and increase food security.

Oxygen absorbers have an important role in the removal of dissolved oxygen, preserving the colour, texture and aroma of different food products, and importantly inhibition of food spoilage microbes. Active packaging technology in food preservation has improved over decades mostly due to the sealing of foods in oxygen impermeable package material and the quality of oxygen absorber. Ferrous iron oxides are the most reliable and commonly used oxygen absorbers within the food industry. Oxygen absorbers have been transformed from sachets of dried iron-powder to simple self-adhesive patches to accommodate any custom size, capacity and application. Oxygen concentration can be effectively lowered to 100 ppm, with applications spanning a wide range of food products and beverages across the world (i.e. bread, meat, fish, fruit, and cheese). Newer molecules that preserve packaged food materials from all forms of degradation are being developed, however oxygen absorbers remain a staple product for the preservation of food and pharmaceutical products to reduce food wastage in developed nations and increased food security in the developing & third world. (Journal of Food Science and Technology by Simon Angelo Cichello 2015)

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